Airstar Aerospace joins CNIM Group.

On 2019/03/22, CNIM Group announced the acquisition of 85% of the share capital of Airstar Aerospace, previously controlled by the Airstar group. Thales Alenia Space remains a minority shareholder of the company, alongside CNIM Group.

Through this acquisition, CNIM aims to become the European leader in aerostats and airships platforms for defence, security, inspection and space applications.


Our business line: Airstar Aerospace is a manufacturer of aerostats and flexible structures in all shapes and for all altitudes.

The know-how of Airstar Aerospace is unique. It is the fruit of:

  • the strategic acquisition of Zodiac Marine’s Space division, in 2015,
  • the participation in major R&D projects (Stratobus™, etc.),
  • the skills of a highly qualified team.

Together with a solid network of partners, Airstar Aerospace offers its customers the realization of their tailor-made projects based on an unparalleled foundation of skills around:

  • the engineering of innovative flexible materials
  • the assembly of high-tech textiles and films
  • the mechanical modeling of large deformations
  • the production of envelopes and equipped flexible structures
  • the development of aerostat equipments: embedded electronics and mechatronics, complex cabling, mechanical mooring systems, telemetry reception, inflation station…
  • the integration of payloads: optronics, telecom, radar…
  • the realization and training for balloon operation and maintenance services

With over half a century of expertise, Airstar Aerospace gives primary importance to safety and to the compliance of its systems with aeronautical and space regulations.
Our solutions (tested and reliable) are certified with very high safety coefficients and a design allowing simple failures resistance.

Airstar Aerospace stratospheric balloon

Airstar Aerospace tethered aerostat

Airstar Aerospace deploys its know-how on two sites:

  • a manufacturing, engineering, research and testing unit near Toulouse, at the heart of the aeronautics and space industry in France,
  • a base of operations and flight tests in Chambley, North East of France.

These two facilities host R&D, prototyping, production and quality control equipment in order to respond to the most complex demands from aeronautics and space customers: clean room, characterization equipment, numerical simulation, test benches, aerodrome for flight tests…

The company is ISO 9001 certified and complies with aeronautical and space standards (EASA CS-31TGB, ECSS).

Airstar Aerospace is an active stakeholder of several programs selected for the future transport plan of the “Nouvelle France Industrielle”
(new industrial France) with projects such as StratobusTM .

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