Stratobus™, the sentinel of the stratosphere

Stratobus™ is a product half-way between a drone and a satellite.

Powered with solar energy and having clean energies on board, Stratobus™ has a low carbon footprint.

As a multidisciplinary platform, Stratobus™ will complete complementary missions to those accomplished by a telecommunication or an Earth observation satellite. It will offer a localized coverage area:

  • Surveillance of borders or high-value sites
  • Security
  • Environmental monitoring
  • 4G and 5G telecommunication

Higly competitive product including a large number of innovations Stratobus™ stands out thanks to its continuous observation and its large payload capability.

Airstar Aerospace unique know-how for Stratobus™

Airstar Aerospace is in charge of designing and manufacturing the fully equipped envelope of Stratobus™.
For Stratobus™ we will use the most powerful, the most lightweight and the most resistant fabric in the world.

Airstar Aerospace main strengths

  • 40 years experience in airships and stratospheric inflatable structures
  • Expert in the assembly of films and hermetic fabrics
  • Extensive experience in large tailor-made projects
  • Millions of m² of balloons which were used with success by the CNES


Innovations developed by Airstar Aerospace for Stratobus™

  • A multi layer hull composed of very light but very resistant materials (weight of 120 g/m² which resists to more than 1 ton on a 10 cm strip).
  • Pressure control equipment able to vary from 1130 hPa on the ground to 50 hPa when Stratobus™ in operation.
  • Retractable internal ballonets enabling the complete expansion of the helium volume.
  • An industrial process enabling to assemble the 15 km of panels of the Stratobus™ envelope
  • 62 000 m3 envelope which will be transported in a standard road container.